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Tawada Yuki, 'I am in You', 2018, Courtesy of rin art association

Seeing as though touching

Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.19

Sep. 2Dec. 11, 2022

  • Sep. 2Dec. 11, 2022
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The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum’s Contemporary Japanese Photography exhibitions, held since 2002, support the creative spirit that dares to explore the possibilities of photography and moving images and uncover promising photographers by providing a setting for developing new creative activities.
This exhibition, the nineteenth in this series, introduces the experiments of five up-and-coming artists who take the texture that photographs and moving images have as their starting point in stimulating consideration not only of the images that have been photographed but also the materials that are those images’ support medium.

Photographs and moving images, by nature, have materiality; they are media that exist in a close relationship with the viewer’s physical self. But a museum, where visitors are required to maintain a certain distance from a work they are viewing, is a place where actually touching a work, sensing its texture, is not permitted. Nonetheless, based on the information we have acquired through our sense of sight, we use our imaginations to sense the image’s texture and mass, to experience vicariously the artist’s creative process and imagine the context behind the work’s production. It is a rich appreciative experience.
In the corona pandemic world, with physical contact prohibited, we cannot touch those we are interacting with but can use our powers of imagination to sense the feelings and the physicality, the warmth, of others, on the other side of an acrylic panel or a monitor. We acquire most of our data through seeing, but at the same time we use our imaginations to supplement information that is insufficient and to perceive the world in a more three-dimensional, physical manner.
The photographs and moving images created by the five artists introduced by this exhibition make us, through sight, imagine the texture of the work we are facing. Taking that one step further, we are made to consider what sort of materials the image we are looking at now is composed of and by what process it was created. Through the explorations conducted by these five artists, we have an opportunity to grasp the current position of photographic and moving image media, which are becoming increasingly diverse and hard to grasp.

Artists|Mizuki Rui, Sawada Hana, Tawada Yuki, Nagata Kosuke, Iwai Masaru

Mizuki Rui|1983-

Mizuki Rui, "Portraits of a Weed/Urban Geology (dubbed version 3)", 2022

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Sawada Hana|1990-

Sawada Hana, "Floating Video (aquarium, Lumière brothers, corner of the image)”, 2022

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Tawada Yuki|1978-

Tawada Yuki, 'I am in You', 2018, Courtesy of rin art association

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Nagata Kosuke|1990-

Nagata Kosuke, 'Function Composition', 2019[Reference image]

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Iwai Masaru|1975-

Iwai Masaru, "Empirical skies #1"(from Control diaries), 2020, Photo: Shu Nakagawa
©Masaru Iwai, Courtesy of Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

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