Les baisers de secours

Les baisers de secours
J’entends plus la guitare

Liberté, la nuit, Les hautes solitudes, L'amant d'un jour


Apr. 27May. 17, 2019

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  • Apr. 27May. 17, 2019
  • Closed May. 7, 13
  • Admission:Adults ¥1,800/College Students and High School Students ¥1,500/Junior High School Students and over 60 ¥1,100

Les baisers de secours
J’entends plus la guitare
Liberté, la nuit
Les hautes solitudes
L'amant d'un jour

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Les baisers de secours

Mathieu, a film director, preparing for his new film, is heavily contested by his actress wife, Jeanne for giving the lead role to another actress.… A man and a woman, as a director and an actress, and at the same time a husband and a wife, a father and a mother of their son, continue to talk with suffering about the end of love and how they can keep the emotion of love. A love story directed by the French film director Philippe Garrel before his masterpiece “J’entends plus la guitare”. In this film, the conversation over the private life and the creation lasts endlessly, reflecting Garrel who continues to make dramas related to his personal story. The cast are Philippe Garrel himself and Brigitte Sy, his former partner and the mother of their son Louis Garrel, Louis Garrel, son and leading actor in France now, and Maurice Garrel, his father and a great actor. One of his greatest films over family in which the members of his real family play the roles of a family on the verge of falling apart. Marc Cholodenko, a poet and novelist, presents the possibility of love and the moment of the birth of a story through his dialogue. It was first time for Garrel and Cholodenko to collaborate in a film, and since then they have made many wonderful films together.

1989 / France / 83min. / Black & White
Director and Screenplay: Philippe Garrel
Dialogue: Marc Cholodenko
Cinematography: Jacques Loiseleux
Film Editor: Sophie Coussein
Music: Barney Wilen
Cast: Brigitte Sy, Philippe Garrel, Louis Garrel, Anémone, Maurice Garrel, Yvette Etiévant

J’entends plus la guitare

Gerard and Marianne, Martin and Lola, the two couples shared a house in a seaside town. After Gerard and Marianne had once ended their relationship, they start to live together again in Paris. But gradually, they get addicted to drugs and their life slides into dire poverty. Gerard finally decided to break off with Marianne and has a new family now. One day, he receives the announcing the death of Marianne…

A very personal love story directed by Philippe Garrel just after the death of NICO, his ex-wife. Life with NICO , the breakup, the birth of his son, and her sudden death… this film beautifully and brutally reflects the memory of the woman whom he loved once and the shock of her death. This story is extremely private, but the performance of the actors and the sophisticated dialogues lead this to the universal love story. This film won the Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival 1991, and remains as the masterpiece among Garrel’s prolific films from 1964 until now. Caroline Champetier, the director of photography, is one of indispensable person in the French film scene. Impressive dialogues written by Marc Cholodenko paint the dark and cruel story beautifully as his previous film “Les baisers de secours”.

1991 / France / 98min. / Color
Director: Philippe Garrel
Screenplay: Philippe Garrel, Jean-François Goyet
Dialogue: Marc Cholodenko
Cinematography: Caroline Champetier
Film Editor: Sophie Coussein, Yann Dedet
Music: Faton Cahen, Didier Lockwood
Cast: Benoît Régent, Johanna ter Steege, Mireille Perrier, Yann Collette, Brigitte Sy

Liberté, la nuit

Set in Paris during the Algerian war towards the end of the 1950s. Jean is a freedom fighter and his estranged wife Mouche tries to support him although he has his mind set on divorcing her. During the height of terrorism, Mouche is murdered by the ultra-right group OAS and Jean's struggle begins. Jean is in agony from remorse, but encounters an Algerian woman, Gémina.

Director,Original story and Screenplay: Philippe Garrel
Cinematography: Pascal Laperrousaz
Film Editor: Dominique Auvray et Philippe Garrel
Music: Faton Cahen
Emmanuelle Riva, Maurice Garrel, Christine Boisson, László Szabó

Les hautes solitudes

Garrel himself took to the camera to film Jean Seberg, heroine of Godard's Breathless (1959), and Nico, the singer for the Velvet Underground and his wife, in this silent movie. Phillippe Garrel, who "holds a camera instead of a heart", regards this film as a leading work in the era of the Underground.

1974/ France/80min./Black&white/Silent
Director, Cinematography, Film Editor: Philippe Garrel
Music: Nico
Jean Seberg, Nico, Tina Aumont, Laurent Terzieff

L'amant d'un jour

© 2016 Guy Ferrandis / SBS Productions

University Philosophy teacher Gil lives with his student Marianne. One day his daughter Jeanne, who has been dumped by her lover is feeling self-destructive and winds up staying with them. Jeanne and Marianne, both the same age, confide secrets - about love, about sex - things they are unable to reveal to Gil, which leads to a peculiar bond akin to accomplices. Each seeks love from Gil, as a father and as a lover, and emotion more than friendship develops between the two.

Director: Philippe Garrel
Screenplay: Jean-Claude Carrière, Philippe Garrel, Caroline Deruas-Garrel, Arlette Langmann
Cinematography: Renato Berta
Film Editor François Gédigier:
Music: Jean-Louis Aubert
Éric Caravaca, Esther Garrel, Louise Chevillotte |


Guest Talk (in Japanese)
May. 2 (Thu) , after the 18:30 screening
Guests (Tentative)
Junko Gosho(Writer)
Rie Tsukinaga (Writer)
Guest Talk (in Japanese)
May. 8 (Wed) , after the 18:50 screening
Guests (Tentative)
Sho Miyake (Film Director)
Hiroshi Matsui (Film Producer/Translator for Japanese subtitles of "Les baisers de secours")
May. 11 (Sat) 14:00~
Guest (Tentative): Jun Hirose (Film Critic)
Venue: 1F Studio, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
Admission: 500 yen
Limit 40 people