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New Name, New Logo

In conjunction with our re-opening and 20th Anniversary Celebrations, we have adopted a new name in English as well as new logo. In order to emphasize our role as an art museum devoted to moving images as well as photographs, our name has been changed to Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. We also have a new popular nickname that can be used in both English and Japanese: TOP Museum, created with the first letters of “Tokyo” (TO) and “Photographic Art” (P).



Photographs and moving images are possible only because of light. Accordingly, for our new logo we selected a design of light shining on the letters TOP. The three letters are illuminated as if a door has just opened upon them, expressing expectation, adventure and great space beyond. It is the perfect visual representation of the welcome we want visitors to feel when they walk into the museum and the new possibilities within.



In selecting a logotype for our new logo, we looked for a beautiful type that could be used for many years, and one that would be suited to the various types of art works we handle. We opted for a simple, clean design with no extraneous detail.

Logo by
TANAKA Yoshihisa
Logotype by
TORINOUMI Osamu, IWAI Hisashi, UNO Yukiko (JIYUKOBO Ltd.)