Photo, Ian Buruma / ©Marty Gross Film Productions, Inc.


The Lovers’ Exile


Mar. 11Mar. 31, 2017

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  • Mar. 11Mar. 31, 2017
  • Closed Mar. 13, 21, 26, 27
  • Admission:General public ¥2,300,Students ¥1,500

■Running Time:10:20~
※Special screenings of the English subtitled version on March 24, 18:30~

Photo, Ian Buruma / ©Marty Gross Film Productions, Inc.

The Lovers' Exile
(Adapted from Meido no Hikyaku - The Courier for Hell)
- featuring strikingly beautiful virtuoso performances by the greatest Bunraku performers -

“…remarkably affecting and surprising…a rich theatrical experience…” The New York Times
“…accomplished with rare taste…that brings the subject to life…” Globe and Mail
“…for anyone interested in form, style, color and precision...rewarding…” SF Chronicle

The Lovers’ Exile was filmed in 1979 at Daiei Uzumasa Studios, Kyoto, on a specially constructed Bunraku stage, and performed by all the major Bunraku masters of the day, many of whom were National Treasures, or who obtained such designation later. Appearing are Takemoto Koshijdayu (4th), Takemoto Mojitayu (9th, Sumitayu 7th), Takemoto Oritayu (5th, Gentayu 9th), Tsuruzawa Enza (5th), Tsuruzawa Seiji, Nozawa Kinshi (4th), Yoshida Tamao (1st), Yoshida Minosuke (3rd), Yoshida Bunjaku and Kiritake Kanjuro (2nd) - the greatest Bunraku stars of the Showa era.

Directed by Marty Gross, distinguished for his knowledge of Japan’s crafts, theatrical arts and cinema history.
Music Supervision by the late Toru Takemitsu, Japan’s internationally acclaimed composer.
Photography by Kozo Okazaki and Hideaki Kobayashi, renowned cinematographers.

The film “The Lovers’ Exile” is an adaptation of the Bunraku “Meido no Hikyaku” (The Courier for Hell) by Monzaemon Chikamatsu. The 3rd Act, Ninokuchimura, is based on a later revision of the original, “Koi Bikyaku Yamato Orai” - Love’s Messenger on the Yamato Road. The original three- hour stage performance is skillfully edited to a 90 minute masterpiece which draws out the charm of Bunraku delicately and precisely. The Lovers’ Exile has rarely been seen in Japan - we are proud to be presenting this unique work in a beautiful newly created digital restoration. For this new release, Japanese subtitles have been added - the English version will also be presented on the schedule noted. This is a must-see opportunity for Japanese and English audiences. Bunraku is world-renowned as an exemplary tradition of the multidisciplinary performing arts of which Japan is extremely proud.

1979, 87minutes, color, new digitally re-mastered version (original 35mm film) 2011,


Special screenings of the English subtitled version
Mar. 24 (Fri) 18:30~
A speech on the stage
Mar. 24 (Fri) 18:30~
Director Marty Gross will be available after the following screenings to discuss the film and to answer questions from the audience.