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Seize Printemps



Sep. 22Oct. 15, 2021

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  • Sep. 22Oct. 15, 2021
  • Closed :Sep. 27, Oct. 1, Oct. 2, Oct. 3, Oct. 4, Oct. 9, Oct. 10, Oct. 11

■Program and Running Time *Click here for details.
"Seize Printemps"
"SUMMER1993" *Only screening from Sep. 22 to 26, Sep. 28 to 30 and Oct. 12.
"L'EFFRONTEE" *Only screening from Oct. 13 to 15. 

■Admission (common all programs)
-Adults ¥1,800
-College Students and High School Students ¥1,500
-Over 60 and Under Junior High School Students ¥1,200
-Persons with a Disability Certificate as well as up to two caregiver accompanying ¥1,200

"Seize Printemps"


Director and Writer : Suzanne Lindon
2020 /France /77min /16 Printemps (Seize Printemps)

"Seize Printemps" Official Site →http://suzanne16.com/

©2015, SUMMER 1993
*Only screening from Sep. 22 to 26, Sep. 28 to 30 and Oct. 12.

In Carla Simon’s touching autobiographical film, six-year-old Frida looks on in silence as the last objects from her recently deceased mother’s apartment in Barcelona are placed in boxes. Although her aunt, uncle, and younger cousin Anna welcome her with open arms, it’s only very slowly that Frida begins to get used to her new home in the countryside. Punctuated by moments of youthful exuberance and mature ruminations, this coming of age drama, set amongst summery hues, is an extraordinarily moving snapshot of being a child in an adult world, anchored by flawless performances by its two young stars.

Director and Writer : Carla Simon
2017 /Spain /Catalan /96min /

"SUMMER1993" Official Site →http://kana-shimi.com/


Director and Writer : Claude Miller
L’EFFRONTEE /1985 /France /96min
*Only screening from Oct. 13 to 15.

*The schedule is subject to change. Any further changes will be announced.