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We are open today.(10:00-18:00)


Photography and Fashion Since the 1990s

Mar. 3May. 10, 2020

  • Mar. 3May. 10, 2020
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For “Photography and Fashion”, the fashion editor Hayashi Nakako was invited to serve as supervisor. The exhibition brings together photographs and reference materials from artists in and outside Japan to explore the relationship of photography to fashion, primarily since the 1990s. Photography has long played an essential role in fashion as a medium for communicating the appeal of garments. Indeed, sometimes the images created by photographers are more fascinating than the actual garments: These images come to symbolize an era.
Since the ubiquitous spread of the Internet in the aughts, the relationship between photography and fashion has changed with bewildering speed. Via Twitter, Instagram, and SNS, the Internet instantly provides the general public with information about fashion and exhibitions once introduced only by newspaper and magazine editors and reporters. We now transmit and receive fashion news not just as straight information but in novel forms, of which the image tagged as a selfie, taken by people not in the industry, is a prime example.
In the 1990s, photographers emerged who produced images with popular appeal that transcended the conventional framework of fashion photography. Fashion magazines that adopted independent stances about what information they communicated also appeared. Their activities not only influenced their contemporaries but also affected subsequent generations. Those developments deserve special consideration as we explore the dazzling changes in the relationship of photography to fashion since the year 2000.
From the 1990s to the present—this multifaceted exhibition is an attempt to examine the relationship of photography to fashion through a variety of perspectives, including the photographs themselves, related reference materials, talk events, and performances.

Artists (Tentative List)
Takashi Kyoji, Elein Fleiss, Maeda Yukinori, Anders Edström, PUGMENT, Homma Takashi

□ Organized by Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History