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SAITŌ Saito Harumichi,View of a Star,From the series Exploring the world,2019,Chromogenic Print

Close-up Universe

Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.16

Nov. 30, 2019Jan. 26, 2020

  • Nov. 30, 2019Jan. 26, 2020
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The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum carries out various projects to support creative spirits who explore the possibilities of photography and imagery, to discover artists with potential and provide a venue where they can develop their creative activities.
Central to this undertaking is the “Contemporary Japanese Photography” exhibition in which focuses on a different theme every year, the theme for the 16th exhibition in this series that will be held in 2019 being: ‘Close-up Universe’.

Generally speaking, there is a tendency today to look upon staying at home, not traveling far and not wanting to see the wide world as being a negative attitude whereas actively setting out to visit various countries is seen as positive. However, in recent years, it is possible to use Internet maps to see images from every corner of the world on the LCD screen in the comfort of our own homes, while online shopping allows us to obtain products from countries around the world without visiting them in person. Virtual reality and home theater, make it possible to experience or immerse ourselves in realistic images, the spread of globalization making people positively receptive to doing everything within the home. Furthermore, today smart phones, etc. make it easy for everyone to take photographs, and there cannot be many views left in the world that we have not already seen or which have not been photographed. This exhibition will introduce up-and-coming artists who reveal profound universes in things that exist close to hand, presenting new approaches that look upon staying at home and not traveling long distances as a positive factor.

AIKAWA Masaru (1978– )
INOUE Sayuki (1974– )
SAITŌ Harumichi (1983– )
HAMADA Yuji (1979-)
FUJIYASU Jun (1981- )
YAGI Lyota (1980- )

Aikawa Masaru,From the series landscape,2019,Gelatin Silver Print on Wood Panel

Inoue Sayuki,From the series I can’t recall my first light.,2014/2019,Chromogenic Print

Saito Harumichi,Deer Woman,From the series Exploring the world,2018,Chromogenic Print

Hamada Yuji,From the series Primal Mountain,2011-2019,Chromogenic Print

Fujiyasu Jun,From the series empathize,2011,Chromogenic Print

Yagi Lyota,On the Retina (E1), (Y), (E2),From the series On the Retina,2019,Chromogenic Print

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