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Gifu butterfly (Luehdorfia japonica) visiting dogtooth violet, Tsuruoka, Yamagata prefecture 2010

Imamori Mitsuhiko Satoyama

Harmony with Nature and Resilience in Japan

Jun. 20Sep. 29, 2024

  • Jun. 20Sep. 29, 2024
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  • Admission:Adults ¥700(¥560)/College Students ¥560(¥440)/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 years old ¥350(¥280)

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is delighted to present Satoyama: Harmony with Nature and Resilience in Japan, an exhibition of the work of the nature photographer Imamori Mitsuhiko. Imamori continues to present beautiful images and approachable texts on the topic of the relationships between nature and human beings, from tropical rainforests and deserts around the world to natural environments in Japan. Imamori, who has been fascinated by the ecologies and beauty of insects since he was a little boy, has energetically photographed insects throughout the world. His work, rooted in his distinctive view of nature, unconstrained by conventional nature photography, is highly regarded in Japan and abroad. In addition, he has focused on the spaces called satoyama, principally in his home area around Lake Biwa, and captured images of satoyama and their subtle balance between nature and humanity. This exhibition presents the newest work from his series, introducing selected works from his photographs of the more than 200 satoyama that he has encountered throughout Japan so far. Imamori’s satoyama travels vividly evoke spaces in which nature and human beings are in harmony and make us aware of this country’s natural environment, beautiful and rich in diversity. Satoyama: Harmony with Nature and Resilience in Japan reveals a full picture of the satoyama series, Imamori Mitsuhiko’s life work.

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