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Eugène Atget, Pendant l'Eclipse 1912, Gelatin-silver print

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Eugène Atget: The Eternal Inspiration

Dec. 2, 2017Jan. 28, 2018

  • Dec. 2, 2017Jan. 28, 2018
  • Closed :Monday (if Monday is a national holiday or a substitute holiday, it is the next day)
  • Admission:Adults ¥ 600/College Students ¥ 500/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 ¥ 400

Eugène Atget is an important figure in the history of photographic expression so the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum made a point of collecting his works since it was first established and now boasts one hundred and fifty in its collection. Over the years, the museum has introduced his work from a variety of angles, and in this exhibition we will consider why his views of Paris at the turn of the twentieth century should have continued to exert such a strong influence over photographers down to the present day. What was the spirit of Atget that has been passed down to us from the twentieth century? Focusing on the varied works from our collection, we will consider this question using Atget’s own photographs as well as those by the photographers who came after him.

Eugène Atget, 76 rue Fleury, boulevardde la Chapelle 1921

Eugène Atget, Hôtel de Thorigny. 11 Quaid’Anjou 1902

Berenice ABBOTT, Water Front from the series Changing New York 1938, Gelatin silver print

FUKASE Masahisa, Erimo Cape from the series Ravens 1976, Gelatin silver print

ARAKI Nobuyoshi, from the series On Photography 1988-89, Gelatin silver print

Walker EVANS, Photogrpher's Window Display,Birmingham,Alabama 1936, Gelatin silver print

MORIYAMA Daido, Poster(Nakano) from the series Tokyo 1968-80, Gelatin silver print