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HONJO Naoki, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan, From "small planet" 2005, Chromogenic Print

20 Year Anniversary
TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO

Nov. 22, 2016Jan. 29, 2017

  • Nov. 22, 2016Jan. 29, 2017
  • Closed Mondays (if a Monday is a national holiday or a substitute holiday, closed Tuesday) and Dec.29-Jan.1
  • Admission:Adults ¥500/College Students ¥400/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 ¥250

It is with great pleasure that we present the TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO. Today, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum collection contains over 33,000 works (both Japanese and foreign), and efforts are continually being made to acquire new works. To provide viewers with a diverse range of perspectives on our holdings, we have organized a series of exhibitions drawing on the collection based on a variety of themes. In this first collection exhibition since the museum was reopened, we focus on the theme of “Tokyo.”

In the past, the theme of Tokyo has served as a milestone in the museum’s history with exhibitions such as Tokyo ― A City Perspective, commemorating the museum’s first anniversary in 1990, and Tokyo / City of Photos in 1995, marking the museum’s grand opening. Now, in 2016, as we celebrate the museum’s 20th anniversary as grand opening, we present TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO to mark our new start.

Collecting Photographs describing and recording life in Tokyo by photographers in Japan and abroad is a core facet of the museum’s acquisition policy. In these Tokyo-themed works, each photographer approaches the capital from a unique viewpoint and captures the city from a variety of different angles. What kind of changes are visible and what sort of form does the city take when these works are lined up together? It is our hope that this exhibition will inspire you to approach Tokyo from a new perspective.

ISHIMOTO Yasuhiro, ONISHI Mitsugu, KIKAI Hiroo, KODAMA Fusako, TAKANASHI Yutaka, TANAKA Chotoku, TSUCHIDA Hiromi, TOMATSU Shomei, HAYASHI Tadahiko, MIKI Jun, YAMAUCHI Michio, Leo RUBINFIEN, ARAKI Nobuyoshi, KURATA Seiji, MORIYAMA Daido, ASAKAI Yoko, INA Eiji, KITAJIMA Keizo, SHIMAO Shinzo, SETO Masato, NAKANO Masataka, MIYAMOTO Ryuji, ONAKA Koji, TOMIYAMA Haruo, HAYASHI Takanobu, YAMAMOTO Tadasu, AKIYAMA Tadasuke, KOBAYASHI Norio, NARAHASHI Asako, HOMMA Takashi, SUDA Issei, SEINO Yoshiko, TAKANO Ryudai, HANAYO, ITOZAKI Kimio, SATO Tokihiro, NARAHARA Ikko, NISHINO Sohei, HATAKEYAMA Naoya, HAYASHI Natsumi, HONJO Naoki

ARAKI Nobuyoshi, From“On Photography",1988 – 89, Gelatin Silver Print

HAYASHI Natsumi, Today’s Levitation 02/21/2011, 2011, Chromogenic Print

TAKANO Ryudai, <040824k>(Suginami Ward,Tokyo),From“kasubaba: puzzling places” 2004, Chromogenic Print
©Ryudai Takano Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates, Zeit-Foto Salon

NAKANO Masataka, Ichinohashi Jct. Minato-ku,May 1999, From"TOKYO NOBODY" 1999 Chromogenic Print

□Organized by: Tokyo Metroopolitan government, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum/The Tokyo Shimbun
□Sponsored by: Toppan Printing Co.,Lid.


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