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오늘은 개관 합니다 (10:00-18:00)

오늘은 개관 합니다 (10:00-18:00)


Artist Unknown, Magic Lantern, VictorianTrade Card, 19C, France, Lithograph, Collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

The Magic Lantern

A Short History of Light and Shadow

Aug. 14Oct. 14, 2018

  • Aug. 14Oct. 14, 2018
  • Closed :Monday (however open on Sep.17, Sep.24, Oct.1, Oct.8), Sep.18, Sep.25, Oct.9
  • Admission:Adults ¥500/College Students ¥400/High School and Junior High School Students, Over 65 ¥250

When and how did the now standard collective form of viewing, in which multiple spectators contemplate the same image at once as in projection mapping and public viewing, come into being and become part of our society? The practice of projecting images on a screen or a wall had spread to the entire world long before the birth of cinema, thanks to the invention of the device called “magic lantern,” an ancestor to the modern-day projectors. This exhibition, built around TOP’s own collection, takes a fresh look at the history of eizō [projected image] as that of projection practices. Simultaneously presenting the work of the promising young artist Koganezawa Takehito, the show also seeks to cast light upon the contemporary relevance of magic lantern.

Artist Unknown, Magic Lantern, VictorianTrade Card, 19C, France, Lithograph

Eugène Charles François Guérard, Les Touristes #18: Déjeuner dans la trou de la Sorcière (Forêt noire.) c. 1854, France, Lithograph, hand colored

KOGANEZAWA Takehito, installation view of “Between This and That", 2008, video projection

Lanterne photogénique, Jules Duboscq, after 1850, France

Fantascope MOLTENI(Magic lantern for projecting phantasmagorias) 1830-50, France

Slides 1830-50, France

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