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今天的开放时间 (10:00-18:00)

今天的开放时间 (10:00-18:00)


Tomoyasu Murata

-Puppet Animation Exhibition


May. 20May. 27, 2018

■Running Time
A Program  13:40/16:50
B Program  12:20/15:30

【A Program】Adults ¥1,500/College Students and High School Students and Junior High School Students and over 60 ¥1,200
【B Program】¥1,100

The director’s biography Director, writer, producer Tomoyasu Murata was born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan and completed his master cause in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2002. The graduation film work using the puppets titled Nostalgia received the best prize in the Animation Division at 5th Japan Media Festival Award in 2001. He continues to create works based on the theme of memory with no dialog. In this envision, Tomoyasu Murata’s puppet animation features from a period of 15 years will be shown, including Nostalgia and an early work about a pianist who goes on a journey of recovery after losing a daughter to Murata’s latest work about twins separated during an earthquake.

A Program  80min.
“Scarlet Road” 

13:11/2002/HD digital data

“White Road” 
14:35/2003/HD digital data

“Family Deck”

“Family Deck vol.1” 4:13/2007/HD digital data
“Family Deck vol.2” 5:07 /2007/HD digital data

“Ratio of forest”  
5:00/2017/HD digital data

“Forest this flower blooms” 
11:05/2015/HD Digital data

10:31/2016/HD digital data

“A branch of a pine is tied up”
16:33/2017/HD digital data

B Program 53min.

16:00/2000/HD digital data

“Indigo Road”   

13:29/2006/HD digital data

“Lemon’s Road”   

13:10/2008/HD digital data

“Family Deck”
“Family Deck vol.3” 

4:34/2007/HD digital data

“Family Deck vol.4” 
5:00/2009/HD digital data


Guest Talk(in Japanese)
May. 20 (Sun) , After the 16:50 screening  Guests(Tentative): Tomoyasu Murata
May. 23 (Wed) , After the16:50 screening  Guests(Tentative): Sunao Katabuchi, Tomoyasu Murata